Frequently asked questions

How much does top producers earn?

See table below for the guidelines of our commission earnings for top producers

What is the commission structure in PropNex?

For brand new salesperson, the starting commission tier is 70/30. Along the way when you start to earn your commission, your commission tier will start to go up. The highest level is 90/10. Currently for all project closings, we give 90/10 regardless of the title of the RES. For a brand new RES, you should not look too much into this. Even if you join an agency that can give you at 100/0 meaning u collect full commission without any sharing to the agency but if you cannot close any cases, 100% x $0 = $0. For a new RES, it is important to look at these few factors 1) the Company 2) The division 3) The mentor as they are critical factors to your success in real estate biz.

Do I need to clock any sales in order to renew my license?

No, you can clock zero sales every year and still renew your license for now. However, you will still need to fulfil the necessary CPD hours.

Do I need to pay any course fees?

Most of the courses here are FOC. You just need to pay a nominal small amount like $30 for the material courses.