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Adam Tng -


I joined Vincent as a brand-new agent in 2014, it was one of the most challenging time for any agent as the property market started heading for a downward spiral. Despite the challenging property market and lack of confidence as a new agent, Vincent was able to provide me with a clear direction and coached me step by step to achieve multiple Top Producer awards.


With his guidance, I also managed to clinch numerous Honours awards ($100,000 commission clocked in one month). Vincent is one of the most approachable and helpful person I have ever met. Whenever, I needed help in my deals or have any queries on property matters, he is always a phone call away. He will readily share his in-depth knowledge and experiences with me. Often, he will share with me more than what I was asking, this improved my knowledge rapidly and enabled me to close more deals at faster speed. In addition, Vincent’s hardworking and positive attitude never fails to inspire all our teammates.


Even though he has been in the industry for quite a number of years, he still attends various upgrading courses so that he can share new knowledge and skills sets with all our teammates. Lastly, his jovial and sincere nature makes it very easy to work with. He is more like a Mentor/Buddy than a Manager. I thank him for his leadership and guidance!

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Ryan Chin


I have know Vincent since 2017 and I find him to be a friendly and approachable person. 
Although Vincent is already an experience agent, but he is constantly finding ways to improve his business model to bring it to the next level.
Vincent is also open to new ideas or proposal.
He is also constantly pushing me to become a better agent so as to value add to my business.
If you are looking for a division to join. Vincent Woon is the right choice for you.

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